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The Little Skys - Artist Interview with Shawn McDonald of Painting Beasts & Magnetic Tattoo

Shawn Mcdonald capturing Meredith & HH Little Sky tattooing at Terrarium Tattoo in Fort Collins, Colorado

Shawn McDonald stopped by the Terrarium Tattoo studio to interview us for the latest episode of his podcast, Painting Beasts! If you haven't heard about Shawn McDonald - where ya been? Shawn is a crazy-skilled, local Fort Collins painter and tattoo artist, known for his EPIC large-scale paintings and traditional tattoos.

His podcast, Painting Beasts, focuses on the artists behind the art and we are pumped to be featured on his second episode ever! Check out the full episode below to get know us, Meredith & H.H. Little Sky, a little bit more and how Terrarium Tattoo came to be. From Meredith's start as a baker to how we make it work as an small independent tattoo shop to what H.H. really means... Shawn got the full #originstory!

SUBSCRIBE to Shawn's YouTube channel for more podcasts and if you enjoyed our episode, give it a THUMBS UP! You can also follow Shawn on Instagram @shawnmcdonaldpainter @mcdonaldmagnetic


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