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We are HIRING!

We are officially into our second month at our new location! We have received so much support and love, thank you to everyone who has messaged, liked, shared, and/or come in for a sweet new tattoo. This new space has allowed us SO much room to grow, it's the bigger fishbowl we've all be needing. We're riding the wave of excitement and creativity into 2023... weeeeeee!

With a bigger fishbowl comes room for more artists. WE ARE HIRING!

Terrarium Tattoo operates as a private studio by appointment, this allows our artist's to have full control over their scheduling, hours, and projects. We are looking for individuals who are chill and self-motivated. Our motto has always been "art first", with the goal of providing unique, creative, art-driven tattoos. We typically work closely with our clients to create custom, one of a kind tattoos. We keep a calm environment that's filled with buzzing tattoo machines, music, houseplants, and burning sage.

If you'd like more information about booth rental, checking out the shop, or joining our crew, please e-mail us at and include your contact information and portfolio. Let's do this!!!


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